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The Elephants Camp

Elephants in Myanmar are still put to work in the lush forests to pull logs as the areas are inaccessible modern machinery, but they are taken care of as if they were a family member or  friend.

Although the Elephants are working for a part of their life, helping the people to sustain their livelihood, they are well taken care of. The healthcare system for the elephants is very sophisticated and elephants, are working as of the age of 18 until the age of 55 when they retire. A sophisticated healthcare system makes it possible for the elephants the age of 18 up to 55, when they reitred.

The "majoud" who rides the elephant and gives it commands with slight moves of his knees is more a friend and a family member for the elephant than the owner.Enough food and a daily bath is for the elephants the minimum they can expect from the "majoud".

Come and experience a unique ride on the back of a tamed elephant through the wild rain forest near the Myanmar Treasure Resorts; an experience that will bring back memories from Mogli and the Jungle Book.


• Half-day Excursion East of Ngwe Saung Beach to visit "Treasure" Elephant Camp and experience 45-minute elephant ride through Myanmar Tropical Jungle.
• Refreshment upon arrival at the hotel

Number of persons ( price nett per person-US$ )

1 pax 2 pax 3-5 pax 6-9 pax
25 US$ 23 US$ 20 US$ 18 US$


Prices are inclusive of:
• Two-way transfers to hotel and elephant camp
• Entrance fee
• 45-minute elephant ride
• English-speaking guide
• Welcome drink upon return to the hotel

• 48 hours' advance booking at the reservation office in Yangon or at the Front Desk  is necessary.
• Full payment in cash is required once the reservation is confirmed.
• Hotel reserves the right to cancel the excursion in case of bad weather but this   should be advised prior to departure time to the excursion.
• 100% reimbursement will be done upon such cancellation.



Forest excursions

on tamed elephants

with „Jungle Book" like


Welcome to the wonderful world of Elephants in the Union of Myanmar,
where animal protection, health care and friendship is more than just a word.

Ngwe Saung Address
Ngwe Saung Village, Pathein, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Myanmar.
Tel: ++ 95-01- 4481087, 4481088




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